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OKLAHOMA CITY – Comprised of former Governors, former Attorneys General, a former congressman, business leaders, and former elected officials, the Mike Hunter for Attorney General campaign released a list of more than 20 prominent Oklahoma Democrats in support of Attorney General Mike Hunter.

“I am truly humbled by the years of public service, experience and expertise of the support on this list,” stated Mike Hunter. “These individuals come from all over the state and show that this race is not about being Republican or Democrat but about Oklahomans and doing what’s best for the future of this state.”

The coalition includes Governors George Nigh and Brad Henry, Attorneys General Robert Henry and Mike Turpen, former Congressman Dan Boren, along with other former statewide and local elected officials and business leaders from across the state.

“As someone who has done the job of Attorney General, I know protecting the public is not a partisan issue. Mike Hunter knows that too. I am proud to support Mike Hunter – an attorney general for all Oklahomans.” said former Attorney General Mike Turpen.

“Mike Hunter has always been willing to work across the political aisle to accomplish what is best for Oklahomans,” said former Congressman Dan Boren. “That is what I had to do in Congress and what I really respect about Mike Hunter. We need more people like Mike Hunter in politics who bring people together to create solutions.”

Former Governor Brad Henry mentioned Hunter’s accomplishments in cleaning up the School Land Commission and returning millions more dollars into the classroom. “When there was a scandal at the Commissioners of the Land office, I turned to Mike Hunter to help fix that – and he did,” he said. “I did not care what his party affiliation was because Mike Hunter does what is right. He is a champion for effective government and the people of this great state.”

The full coalition is listed below.

Democrats for Hunter

Former Governor George Nigh
Former First Lady Donna Nigh
Former Governor Brad Henry
The Honorable Dan Boren
Former Attorney General Robert Henry
Former Attorney General Mike Turpen
Ed Abel
Former Speaker of the House Lloyd Benson
Former State Representative David Braddock
Former State Treasurer Robert Butkin
Former State Representative Kevin Cox
Former State Senator Ted Fisher
Former State Superintendent Sandy Garrett
Former Corporation Commissioner Cody Graves
Former Secretary of State John Kennedy
Greg Massey
John Massey
Former State Treasurer Scott Meacham
Former State Senator Susan Paddack
Dr. James S. and Jackie Plaxico
District Attorney David Prater
Stuart Price
Gene Rainbolt
Former State Representative and State Senator David Riggs
Former Mayor of Tulsa Kathy Taylor
Former President Pro Tempore Stratton Taylor