I'm Running for Attorney General

To Protect Oklahomans
Protecting Oklahoma Consumers

Too often, hardworking Oklahomans are targeted by scam artists. From bad roofers and outlandish telephone or online scammers to those committing Medicaid fraud, Oklahomans need protection. Mike Hunter is dedicated to being a safeguard for those targeted by these criminals.

Protecting Children

Mike Hunter has zero tolerance for sexual predators. Mike works with local law enforcement to stop sex trafficking and is actively opposing efforts to weaken sex offender registration.

Protecting Our Values

Mike Hunter will stand up to those who seek to obliterate religion from public life as he did when an outside group attempted to force an Oklahoma university to deface its campus chapel.

Cracking Down on Opioid Abuse

The opioid epidemic is affecting far too many of our families. No geographic, economic, or social group is immune from this life destroying problem. While there are legitimate pain management needs for opioids, an obsession on profits by some drug manufacturers has led to an oversupply and overuse of these drugs. Mike Hunter is leading the effort in the state to bring doctors, law enforcement, policymakers, and families together so we can stem this problem with stronger laws, drug abuse education and prevention and greater availability of treatment programs.

Fighting for Victims’ Rights

Mike Hunter understands the scales of justice must be balanced. And while every defendant has his or her rights, so do the victims of crimes. Mike Hunter is committed to ensuring victims of crime see justice dispensed in a timely manner and that they are respected throughout the process.

Upholding the Constitution and State Sovereignty

The Constitution of the United States is the most profoundly important governing document the world has ever known, and Mike Hunter believes it should be interpreted as originally intended by our founding fathers. As an ardent supporter of our Constitution, Mike Hunter will continue to enforce it and protect it from assault. Protecting those areas of The Constitution most under attack, such as the Tenth Amendment which reserves rights to the states, and the First and Second Amendments, is a paramount focus of Mike’s work as attorney general.

Protecting the Most Vulnerable

Mike Hunter believes we have a special responsibility of watching over the most vulnerable among us. Mike believes in the sanctity of life and the obligation a civilized society has to safeguard the lives of the unborn. He actively and aggressively pursues charges against those who commit crimes against the elderly and is determined to prevent and eliminate human trafficking.

Death Penalty

Mike Hunter is a supporter of the death penalty for those who have committed the most heinous of crimes. Mike Hunter is committed to making certain Oklahoma carries out this obligation in an efficient and humane manner.

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PO Box 2363 Oklahoma City, OK 73101