NORMAN, Okla. — Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter has requested that journalists be allowed to utilize cameras inside the courtroom during the anticipated opioid trial next year.

“Transparency and accountability are important and allowing cameras in the courtroom will provide both,” Hunter said. “It’s equally important not to deprive Oklahomans of the opportunity to further engage in this issue that has affected so many of our neighbors and loved ones across the state.”

In 2017, Hunter filed a lawsuit against Purdue Pharma, Allergan, Teva and Janssen Pharmaceuticals, alleging the companies misrepresented the addiction risks of their products. In January, Cleveland County Judge Thad Balkman set a May 28, 2019 trial date in the suit.

Oklahoma City attorney Robert D. Nelon, on behalf of the Oklahoma Publishing Company, asked Balkman to allow digital cameras to be permitted inside the courtroom. Balkman told the parties to respond to the request within the next 20 days after a hearing in April.

The 20 days is almost up and the pharmaceutical companies have not filed their responses.

Source: http://www.stwnewspress.com/oklahoma/news/state-ag-asks-judge-to-allow-cameras-during-opioid-trial/article_a0dc84eb-444b-5703-acd2-fbf13b8069e1.html